The electricity Gods are after me!!!!
Well hello folks, I do hope you are all well and coping with this sudden influx of bl**dy cold weather!!! We had our first snow this morning.....

I know the weathermen had threatened us with snow etc even for the South West, but they were actually right for a change. The snow had just finished here this morning - again it's supposed to come back tomorrow - but we'll see if they're right this time too!!

I am having trouble with my electrics - or so it appears. I had to call my neighbour to switch me back on, when the electricity cut out right in the middle of cooking supper. As I have balance problems, climbing up some steps to reach the cupboard housing the meters etc, is out of reach. I did attempt to try to climb some steps, but I felt so unbalanced and scared I'd have a fall - not a look I want at the moment - I had to call my neighbour. She was out so she phoned her husband who had stayed home, to ask him to call round and help me. Guess what was happening!!!!! It was the start of the football match of England versus France. Now Peter is a football enthusiast and he very gallantly came round to switch me back on - the whistle for the game had just been blown!! He was so nice about it - but I bet he was irritated somewhat!!

Well within about two minutes of him going back home - the electricity cut off again!!! I didn't want to spoil his football again, so I attempted to climb up the steps myself - well after about 10 minues of trying, I realised I was being an idiot!! So I phoned Peter again and he was round straight away. As I don't know what's tripping the electricity, I stopped cooking supper, I'd rather see what's happening tomorrow, when I can call Richard instead and also try out different items, to see if they are causing the problem. All my plugs have surge protectors, so I don't know what it could be. So I'm having crackers for supper!!

I had been expecting Tony and his family tomorrow, but unfortunately he's feeling really rough - I don't think it's "man flu" but something like that. He's not been the same since he caught COVID19 two years ago - despite having had the jab. I think he's got what they call - "Long COVID", and so I told him not to come up, because I want a big hug and if he's got something - I'd rather not catch it. Obviously working in a University, he's among loads of students every day - so it's not surprising he catches anything - as well as having two school age kids at home.

Okay that's about all - I just felt that I'd talk about my "exciting" life!! I'm so grateful to Ann who is cooking my Sunday lunch tomorrow - so that gives me time to sort out what appliance is causing this trouble.

I wish you all a good week to come and I hope this cold weather isn't putting too much of a dampner on your festivities.


Gracie said:

Well the snow is pretty when its just a light dusting like that. We haven't had any yet.
I wonder whats causing the overload? Has to be something you haven't used all together before obviously. Hope it gets sorted quickly. Can't live on crackers!
Sorry your plans with Tony are delayed. Hopefully he can reschedule
17 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Gracie:

Yes the snow does look pretty like that - but it looked the same this morning which made me realise the temperatures hadn't changed much over the daytime, and so that light sprinkling stayed right there.

I don't have a clue what's caused the overload, I'll ask Emily to have a look when she comes Tuesday. Meanwhile I'll cook in a slow cooker tomorrow night. I'll be okay as long as I see Tony before Christmas. It's his birthday tomorrow - (13th) so hopefully he'll be okay afterwards, and pop up.
17 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Definitely sounds like something is tripping out your power. Hope you can isolate the troublemaker soon.

No snow here so far though it's been ridiculously cold. Hoping the milder spell arrives on plan.

Such a shame about Tony. Hope he'll feel better soon and will be able to visit.
17 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Bee Orchid:

Yes I think it's one of the switches without the surge protector. Also I don't think Peter pushed down the main switch hard enough the first time, so it flicked back up again.

Yes I hope he feels better soon, so he can come up before Christmas.
17 months ago