Wow - it's going to be a cold winter methinks
Well the situation with the roof and ceiling has certainly pulled me down a bit. I have noticed that nowadays certain situations are quite overwhelming for me. I had been warned about this from the doctors, but until now things were ticking along okay. I used to cope with all the situations like this with no problem nor worries, but NOW..... apparently this is because my brain has been re-wired differently from my brain haemorrhage and stroke, so I mustn't complain - just think of the alternative!!!!

Anyway, Emily is bringing her daughter's boyfriend (he's a builder) around tomorrow so he can have a look and see if he can help!!!! See it's not always WHAT you know - it's often WHO you know!!! I think with things being tight - as we all are aware - I really just want to make sure the roof is watertight, and the ceiling can wait for a while - no-one goes into that room, so it can wait until I can get enough money to pay for a new ceiling!! and I think while I'm at it - I might get some wallpapering done on the chimney wall there. I've not looked at it myself - I know that it will really depress me and I don't want that. So I avoided looking at it, when I went upstairs to have a shower.

I've been making more jewellry, as you can see - I accidentally noticed a film of "how to.." on YouTube and it showed new ways of doing resin jewellry, so I tried some of them. I'm not 100% happy with them, but I'm going to persevere and try new designs. Poor you - you'll be bombarded with my creations soon!!! There's one good thing about it all though - I'm not going to be short of giving Christmas presents am I? I'm also going to make more Christmas tree decorations!!!
It's gone really cold tonight - down to 5C and that's not nice. I'm so pleased that I bought myself new bedding - teddy-bear fleece!!!! Now if you are on your own, this is heaven on a plate! I don't have any central heating in my home, so I need to feel warm in other ways. Before now - I've had a hot water bottle and flannelette sheets. Not any more!!!! These teddy-bear fleece sheeting, pillow cases, and duvet covers are so soft and cuddly. I haven't felt the need to put the electric blanket on nor have a hot water bottle, I'm warm within seconds of getting into bed. Well worth it I can tell you. If you aren't alone - then maybe it would be too warm for two people to cope with. We've been warned that we can expect a "beast from the east" with regard to temperatures dropping wildly and snow is expected in the next couple of weeks!!! Okay - a white Christmas - that'll be nice.

Meanwhile Mandi and Dogan both have nasty colds and when we talk, they are both coughing wildly. Their temperatures in Turkey are wild too - only during the day, it's apparently around 23C then as soon as the sun goes - it drops down to 8C!!! Now that's a helleva drop - no wonder they have colds. Also they've had horrendous thunder storms and rains, with flooding all over the place. Luckily not where they live. So I'm secretly thankful for not having gone over there for Christmas - our weather is so much better than theirs!!!!

Okay folks, that's about all I have to write about - as you know I don't get out, so my life and news is rather limited. Please take care of yourselves and keep warm.


Gracie said:

I am a Total fan of fleece sheets! Since we got the new larger bed I don't have as many sets, but I am working on it. They're expensive so i wait till there's a sale.
I really like that new heart design you did. Very Victorian era. Dont give too many away. You'll find a way to sell them. In the meantime try to stay warm. I am overdue to give you a call. Ive just been a tad busy. Tomorrow is.a dr appointment. Then I want to start on the stained glass. I decided to go eith a poinsettia for one window and a double Christmas bell for the other. Or a xmas tree. So much to choose from!
17 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Gracie:

Oh my new teddy bear fleece sheets are just heaven on a plate!!!! Don't worry about not calling sweetie, this time of year is manic. I hope all goes well at the doctor's tomorrow. The poinsettia sounds idyllic, as does the double bell, with holly and berries around them maybe. I'm really looking forward to seeing them.
17 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

The jewelry is lovely as always. I just wish you could somehow sell it and make some money.
Hope the builder will be able to help you.

Oh that bedding sounds divine! Hope it keeps you cosy.
17 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Bee Orchid:

Thanks so much Fran. I wish I could sell them too - but as I don't get out to be able to post them, it seems to hit a dead end. Still I'll wait until after Christmas - pressies already made!!!! I'm even making Xmas tree decorations, and will put them on the presents so they will be able to keep them for their tree next year.

Yes the bedding is absolutely gorgeous, I fully recommend it, so if you like the idea of being snuggled in - nothing better.
17 months ago

Pat Del said:

Que d'originalité déployée dans ces superbes bijoux ! Félicitations, Jenny !
17 months ago ( translate )

Jenny McIntyre replied to Pat Del:

Oh Pat - c'est vraiment une belle chose à dire. J'essaie de changer mes créations, mais pour être honnête, j'ai tendance à décorer mes créations avec la couleur qui attire mon attention à ce moment-là. je te souhaite un excellent weekend a venir
17 months ago ( translate )

Spo said:

I wrote elsewhere that the third yellow necklace is my favorite, but I dunno, it might be the 2nd yellow as well. The blue heart of the 2nd picture is my fave, too.
11 months ago

Jenny McIntyre replied to Spo:

Olen niin iloinen, että pidät hartsikoruistani. Olen niin iloinen, että ihmiset kommentoivat niitä, joten tiedän sitten, mikä malli on parempi kuin muut.
11 months ago ( translate )