Not here much
About three weeks ago my wife and I decided to travel to South Wales from Yorkshire to pay a visit to my brother who was seriously ill.
We arrived on a Friday and walked up to the hospital on the Saturday morning to visit him, I never made it, collapsing on the side of the road and being bought back to life by a midwife doing CPR and a paramedic shocking me twice before putting me in an ambulance and taking me to the nearby hospital. Sadly my brother died before I could see him, on a positive note though, I have been fitted with a defibrillator which should prevent it happening again. I currently get very tired, very quickly so the likelihood of me taking many photographs and processing them for display is unlikely for some time but I shall enjoy looking at all of yours and wishing I was behind the lens.
Take care all of you.


MaggsMep said:

Sorry to hear of your troubles Greg. Wish you a speedy recovery and return to Iper.
2 years ago

natureoncam aka Greg replied to MaggsMep:

Thanks, progress is slow but steady.
2 years ago

Amelia said:

Definitely not a good week, Greg. I do hope you continue to get better. I wonder how often a midwife gets to treat a man.
Stay safe and well.
2 years ago

natureoncam aka Greg replied to Amelia:

Hi Amelia, Steadily improving currently.
Not that I noticed but apparently she was like a whirlwind and got my heart going twice before the paramedic arrived, so she had no qualms or cares about who she was treating or why.
2 years ago

HappySnapper said:

Just read your story here and glad to hear the Emergency services were able to help you. My younger Brother had a defibrillator fitted in his chest for over 10 years. He plugged it in to the telephone at regular intervals and sent readings to the hospital who adjusted his medication accordingly.
I hope your recovery continues well and don't pack the camera away just yet as a little gentle photography exercise will be very beneficial.
2 years ago

natureoncam aka Greg said:

Thank you Maurice for writing. my defibrillator communicates by bluetooth to my bedside and then by wiFi/ data to the hospital, clever stuff.
Camera still ready to go just waiting for me and the birds to return to my garden.
2 years ago