What to do?
Whilst visiting my brother in hospital a week or so back I inadvertently left my camera bag and all its contents in my hotel room and despite the best efforts of the hotel and myself it has disappeared, either stolen by staff or a guest who used the room after me.
So to the title "what to do" I have decided agaist using my insurance company to claim as the premium will rise to compensate for their loss, never really uderstood that but there it is.
So I have been looking to replace an ageing DSLR and a bridge camera with something a little newer and perhaps new technology as well.
I have had a brief look at mirrorless cameras and I have to say I quite fancy one but the prices seem high especially for the lens.
I tend to take landscapes, animal and bird and butterfly pictures, buildings etc so wonder if these cameras are any good for this type of work, I travel a lot so weight is important and these cameras are light.
I would appreciate anyones views on which camera to buy and views on mirrorless cameras from owners and users, both good points and bad.
Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Greg Laver aka natureoncam


Amelia said:

I was ill last year and still find it difficult to carry my Canon 60D around. I bought a light weight Sony: www.sony.co.uk/electronics/cyber-shot-compact-cameras/dsc-hx350, and I'm very pleased with it on the whole. It's cheap but has an excellent lens and a good zoom function. Of course it isn't a DSLR.
5 years ago

natureoncam aka Greg replied to Amelia:

Thank you Amelia for your reply and hope that you are soon able to lug the 60D around if you should want to.
I have a small Canon compact which is my stick in a pocket camera but as we are venturing to the Far East and Australia in the next 18 months I felt I needed something a little more substantial and capable. After much traipsing about and much more time on the internet I have gone for a lightish Nikon DSLR and will add to it with a couple of S/H lens before I go.
I decided against the mirrorless route as a friend said he had sold his and gone back to a DSLR.
Thanks again
5 years ago

aNNa schramm said:

Das Gewicht ist auch immer ein Problem für mich. Und so entschloss ich mich, bereits vor Jahren, eine kleine Kamera zu benutzen. Ich kann sie in der Hosentasche oder Jackentasche verschwinden lassen.
Es ist die Panasonic DMC-TZ61. mit einem recht guten 30-fach Zoom und einem Leica-Objektiv. . . and GPS
Natürlich sind die Ansprüche bei jedem anders. Auch kommt es immer auf den Preis an.

Grüße aNNa*
5 years ago ( translate )

natureoncam aka Greg said:

Thank you Anna for your response, as I said to Amelia above I already have a useful little Canon but needed something a little bigger for a proposed Far East and Australia tour.
I have decided against a mirrorless camera for now, due to a friend selling his and buying another DSLR and the sheer cost of lenses etc.
So I have bought a relatively lightweight Nikon with an 18 to 105 mm lens as a regular lens and will add to that over the next 18 months once I have played with it and decided what I need.
Thank you again for replying, advice is always welcome.
5 years ago