Thanks for 1000 Visits
I would like to thank all of you who have visited my page since I joined ipernity on May 23. My page has broken the 1000 visit milestone. I am delighted everytime you respond with interest and enthusiasm to my photographs. It has encouraged me to work even harder to find good subjects and to compose better pictures. You have enjoyed my older work that I pulled out of my archives from my point and shoot days.

This community is simply amazing. Your skill is inspiring. Your locations are amazing. I have even found that what I consider ordinary for where I live, you find fascinating. You have made me look at my own world with more care and purpose.

I even started my own group Juxtaposition and I have been able to direct, with the help of others, a growing number of contributions to this group. Your vision and creativity is expanding my concept of photographic juxtaposiiton.

Please continue to visit. I now have contacts from most of the continents and many countries. My French is improving. I now know dozens of words for great, magnificent and fantastic in several different languages. Spending time on this web site is like no other experience on the internet. I will be following your new posts with interest.


Don Sutherland said:

Congratulations on 1,000 visits. I'm really happy to read that you are enjoying your experience here at Ipernity. I came here a little more than a year ago and have only great things to say about both the staff and community of photographers here.
9 years ago

beverley said:

o0o congratulations on the visits and I think everyone enjoys visiting and being
visited ... it can be so inspiring and an eye opener also to view and see through
others eyes, I look forward to your future visits oOo
9 years ago

Rabbitroundtheworld said:

I like this line: "I have even found that what I consider ordinary for where I live, you find fascinating.". That is so true. I remember once posting a pic of some boats sitting on the muddy harbour bottom a few miles from here, and someone posted, in genuine bewilderment, 'how do the boats get out to sea?'. They lived in a part of the world which didn't have tides.

Congratulations on your first 1,000 on ipernity. It's a nice milestone. Things move more slowly here than on flickr, but I feel the comments are more genuine, and the layout is TONS better.

Rabbit x
9 years ago