About Peter's Rock
If you look very closely at the photos of Peter's rock, you will see that there are words engraved into the stone. The words come from the book The Perfection of the Morning, written by Peter Butala's wife, Sharon. The words describe a pivotal moment in her coming to terms with a life in nature, lived on the vast Butala cattle ranch.
"About a hundred feet out from the foot of the hill, in the midst of his animals, lying facedown in the grass, head on one bent arm, hat shielding his eyes, Peter lay sound asleep."
I have heard that after Peter died Sharon had the sentence engraved into the rock, which lies at the spot where she found him sleeping. It is a quiet place under the huge dome of the sky, although there are animal trails evident nearby, and the grass around the rock has been trampled down by other visitors. Others, I think, have also found this a site for peaceful contemplation.