Slowly Burning I read a story by Leon van Kemenade that really impressed me:

"Like all of us I often fall in love with my own photos. I know, a bit sad. It's just that when you've found a composition that you really like, when you've got the shot you were after, when you've sweated and slaved over it in post processing (well, that might be a bit over the top), it's hard not to invest a bit too much emotional energy into an image. Usually, after a week or so, you look at it again with a little more distance between it and you and you realise that perhaps it wasn't that great after all. Still it was nice while it lasted.

And so I confess, I won't deny it... I love this photo! It has so much of what I personally love in the photos I love taking. It's got symmetry, that's a given. It's got some lovely colours. And it's got a story to tell with that ...., ......, and that ......on the right in a perfect position. So talk to me in a week or so but for now at least I love it!"

Passion, isn't that what it's all about? Keep inspiring us Leon!


Clickity Click said:

Luc I remember this image! The story is one I can really relate to. When I look back at my past photographs, I either still love it or wonder well it's not too bad or what was I thinking! :)
2 years ago

PhLB - Luc Boonen replied to Clickity Click:

Thanks for your comment Chris. I think it's very interesting to have a closer look at what triggers you for some reason. Leon is inspiring in his comments. I like that.
2 years ago

Xata said:

Most of the time I wait a few days to upload from my sd card... most of the times. Like when I had to wait till I was ready for the dark room work. But now the values are others, instant sharing prevails. Not my thing
19 months ago