A Step Back
This week was yet another busy one, though because I was off last week, I've missed out on some of the overtime, and only managed 3 hours this week. My feet are happy, my wallet - not so much. On the plus side, I already have 5 hours booked for next week, all being well, and 3 hours for the following week already. It involves a shift change for one day though that's okay with me if it means I get extra overtime. It all helps keep the wolf with big teeth from the door.

I was reading some alarming stats this morning before my shift. A number of MP's have been in 'trouble' for using inflamatory language regarding so-called asylum seekers. Now, to be clear, I have every sympathy for people fleeing war zones and those who come to the UK through the correct and LEGAL chanels. What I don't sympathise with are the hordes that are paying people smugglers to bring them here. So far this year 40,000 people have come to the UK illegally. They cost the government, and that means us tax payers, £7 million a day. Yes, a day! This is bacause many are housed in hotels. They 'expect' food, shelter, and clothing, and many are given money too, and it seems so many of them are not at all grateful for the shelter that we provide. Let's be clear here, they were not invited, they are not wanted, and they are not needed. They are a severe drain on the infrastructure of this country and should be deported asap IMO.

Locally, the councils have been forced to take in these people, and despite fighting this edict, they have been forced to house them. We've had some in the store: their English is not good, and they get 'uppity' when we can't understand them, or we don't stock items that they're used to back home. We also have a few crazies here too. Just today, a foreign woman was screaming at people who were entering the local discount store. Just what we need!

In the UK, we now have cases of diptheria, scabies, measles outbreaks, and TB to name a few. I'd like to say a heartfelt eff (I'm being polite here) you very much to our government for not getting on top of this terrible situation, and for fostering them on councils around the country.

The title? Like many, I'm taking a step back from social media, for now at least. I may be back, I really don't know. People add me, never come by my page, and certainly don't ever comment on my photos or blogs. I have the email addresses of the 2, you know who you are, that frequently comment on my page, and I'd like to keep in touch via email if agreeable. I'll email you sometime soon, and leave it up to you if you want to keep in touch this way. I have tried Facebook, though within minutes I was suspended LMAO. I have no idea why, now could I sort it out. Meh, life's too short...

Take care.


Jenny McIntyre said:

I wholeheartedly agree with you here Fran. I've grown up with the knowledge that to be an asylum seeker, you have to go to the nearest "safe" country to be saved, but they seem to be crossing so many different countries (all safe ones) just to get to us. I really feel that the Government should do more to ferret out the people smugglers. I do feel rather annoyed to find out that these "illegal asylum seekers" are actually given more per week, than I get and I've paid into this country for over 50 years!! As the Australian PM once said - we didn't ask you to come here, we're not making you stay here, but if you want to stay here, then you have to live by our laws - if you don't like it - then go back home.

It's such a shame you're going to stop blogging here, Fran - I'll miss reading your blogs. I do hope we'll stay in touch. As for Facebook, I so rarely go on there - so I can't help you find out why you were suspended!!!
18 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Jenny. It does make me see red. When I first moved here I was desperately broke, but couldn't get a single penny from the system. Now, if I'd come here illegally... The whole system is rotten and needs sorting out as a matter of urgency. We need, as a country, to be unwelcoming to these illegals.

Thanks. It was quite a while back. I set some security parameters, then promptly got suspended. It was funny actually, they obviously didn't like that i was quite strict in my settings.
18 months ago

Gracie said:

Ugh without your blogs this will be just Jenny and me. Sigh. I do enjoy them.. Don't go ! Is your account up yet? You didnt say. And we have lost so many here. Death has taken its toll to be sure. Mick most recently. John before that. I think Bernie must have gone. Sue before them. Fran you would have loved Sues blogs.I don't think you were on here then. She was something else... oh well. Maybe youll use us to vent. Definitely want to stay in touch. But I d rather you didn't go. :-(
18 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Gracie. I'll definitely keep in touch.
18 months ago ( translate )

Gracie replied to Bee Orchid:

Good. And I agree about the illegals 110%! I have been complaining for years about in particular all the diseases they bring! We have a recurrence of whooping cough which is deadly to children, TB, measles etc also! All things we rarely saw here for decades as OUR citizens are vaccinated! Plus with all the BS covid hype of contagion, they Still allow these people in!
18 months ago

StoneRoad2013 said:

I'll be sad if we lost contact, Fran.

I know I don't comment on every one of your blogs, but I certainly do enjoy them !
18 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Sara. If you'd like to keep in touch, PM me and i'll make a note of your email address.
18 months ago