End of an Era
Today, our Queen passed away at the age of 96. She's ruled us since 1952, that's over 70 years. My grandparents, and my mother were all fans and regarded her highly.

She's seen us through many turbulent times, and she'll be missed by many. I'm sure the country will be in mourning for a while.

I've always been ambivalent about royalty, it's undemocratic, however I feel a sadness; she's been our Queen for all of my life.

Charles will now be King.


Gracie said:

I feel very sad at her passing. She stayed dignified and out of politics. She gave her entire life to service for the UK.
22 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

She was wasn't she? Shame our politicians can't manage that.
Thanks Gracie.
22 months ago

StoneRoad2013 said:

Sad news, but not unexpected.
So, 10 or so days of Official Mourning ending with a State Funeral.

I'm also ambivalent about having a Monarch, and an unelected upper house in Parliament. However, the way the late Queen managed her sense of duty - to be both the head of state and a figurehead yet obviously aware of what was going on, she certainly had opinions, even if their expression was largely concealed ...

I recall the legend of her driving a senior Saudi royal - at some speed - around a royal estate, to make a point ...

I hope that the new King manages to keep up to at least the same standard of duty. I'm not and never have been especially impressed by his consort.
22 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Sara. lol know what you mean...
22 months ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

Great blog Fran. I feel sure Charles will be a good King.
22 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Jenny. I hope so.
22 months ago