I’m back……..
......and I bet you didn't even know I had gone. Don't worry - I'm not offended.

I first came to Ipernity in 2017, I was one of those people who gravitated here in early 2017 having previously been loyal Flickr users, but who had become royally pissed-off with the way Flickr was treating its customers. I left in August 2019 because I was a bit busy with other stuff and didn't have time to devote to it. But then COVID came, and lockdown, and the world went crazy.

And now, slowly but surely, normality is returning. It's true that we don't have any overseas holidays planned, but day-trips and short breaks in the UK are once again possible. And more importantly, I'm taking photos again.

So here goes - time to do some uploading.

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StoneRoad2013 said:

Welcome back ...
2 years ago ( translate )