The feathered inspector

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Christa1004 said:

Great! An unusual meeting on the parking lot of a supermarket:-))
13 months ago

Nicolas Mertens said:

Yes. Like Christa says. I saw plenty of those birds in Latvia, but never so close.
13 months ago

S.Pylypko (WorldArou… said:

Yes, like all wild creatures, storks usually stay apart. They can build a nest on the roof of the house or on a pole nearby - this is their maximum approach to people. But this stork could not fly away to warm climes together with the flock in autumn and stayed for the winter, what, of course, is not typical for these birds. So he had to accept help from people who fed him and offered a haystack with a roof for wintering. In fact, you see with your own eyes what miracles kindness works - the bird trusted people and is no longer afraid. Stork feels confident among the residents of the town. Perhaps it is not too good that the bird ended up in an environment that is not typical for its species. But at least he managed to survive. We hope he will join his relatives when they return.
Thanks for comments!
13 months ago

* ઇઉ * said:

It is amazing and remarkable to see the (hopefully successful) strategies that wild animals develop to survive.

Great shots, S. Pylypko!
5 months ago