Thermen's fountain in Mariinsky Park (summer)

One of the oldest fountains in Kiev. At the end of the 19th century, 7 of these identical fountains were made. The very first fountain was built in 1871 and installed on Tsarskaya (now European) square. Later, with the development of the Kiev electric tram, this fountain was dismantled, as it interfered with the laying of tram tracks. In the years 1899-1901, six more exactly the same fountains were made. Five of them have survived safely to this day and are functioning properly now.
Parts of the fountains are cast iron. The shape of the fountains resembles a flower bowl fixed on a cast-iron leg. The trunk shows the year of manufacture and the name of the factory. The fountain is decorated with mascarons. The base of the fountain is decorated with four lion heads, from whose mouths water flows, and on the bowl itself there are four decorative elements in the form of human faces, from whose mouths water also gushes.

Thermen's fountain in Mariinsky Park at close range

Legend has it that at the Thermen's factory, where the fountains were cast, a master named Pharaoh, who was distinguished by rudeness and boorishness, worked. Once, the foundry workers, taking advantage of the departure of the master, made adjustments to the forms, as a result of which the master's evil grimace appeared on the fountains. When Pharaoh returned and recognized himself - it was too late, the mascarons on the fountains were ready, and all his attempts to change anything through the court were fruitless, the case was drowned in paperwork

faraon maskaron

This fountain at late autumn evening
Thermen's fountain in Mariinsky Park (winter night)
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