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Nerys, Celt & Saxon's 'first pond' 6th May 2018

We had rains and the 10 foot deep dry pond I usually mow got a little water in it and the pups and Nerys loved it !

There is an Update on The Tribe of Many Paws HERE
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ROL/Photo said:

WAOUhhhhhhhhh, very beautiful... this marvelous video
bravo truly dear Pam
and thanks for this sharing
6 years ago

Pam J replied to ROL/Photo:

Merci Roland !

6 years ago ( translate )

William Sutherland said:

Terrific video!

Admired in:
6 years ago ( translate )

Pam J replied to William Sutherland:

Thankyou William !
6 years ago ( translate )

Jenny McIntyre said:

Oh they were really having a great time there - did he ever get in the water?
6 years ago

Pam J replied to Jenny McIntyre:

Thankyou Jenny !

Celt did have a little paddle .. but it seems that for now he is not "water" dog !
6 years ago

sasithorn_s said:

Lovely to see them so happy. Thanks for sharing this beautiful video, dear Pam:)
6 years ago

Pam J replied to sasithorn_s:

Thankyou Miss Sasi !

Celt isnt so sure about the water !
6 years ago

©UdoSm said:

You have much pleasure, but the young darker is a little water shy......
6 years ago

Pam J replied to ©UdoSm:

Thankyou Udo !

Yes.. I think Celt will not be a water baby !
6 years ago

Jean said:

I can just imagine the time they had.
6 years ago

Pam J replied to Jean:

They are still paddling.. and today Celt ventured in !
6 years ago

Diane Putnam said:

Hahaha - Fiesta de Agua!
6 years ago ( translate )

Pam J replied to Diane Putnam:

Thankyou Diane !
6 years ago ( translate )

Doug Shepherd said:

Dogs and Water the perfect mixture for sure. Great to see them having so much FUN!!!!

Thanks for posting Pam.

All the best, Doug
6 years ago