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Nerys's 'Happy' Video 11-1-2018

After nearly 3 years of a very unsettled life , Nerys allowed herself to start the journey of really living and being happy.

We have to build trust slowly... but she is already much loved.
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Stormlizard said:

Very nice to see Pam J, usually one says *'Living a dogs life is negative'but honestly right now after nine months of illness I envy your dog.
6 years ago

Pam J replied to Stormlizard:


She has had nearly 3 years of uncertainty in her life.. she so deserves this. Her life span will be about 10-12 years hopefully.. that a large part of her life she has not had this joy.

I also understand how you are feeling. I have had over 50 years of pain but I refused a long time ago to let it stop me.

We do all we can....
6 years ago

©UdoSm said:

Beautiful to look at... She shows an incredible joy...
6 years ago

Pam J replied to ©UdoSm:

Thankyou Udo !

Day by day we rebuild her life.
6 years ago

Edward Bowthorpe said:

This is just so beautiful dear Pam,eddie,xx
6 years ago ( translate )

Pam J replied to Edward Bowthorpe:

Thankyou Eddie !
6 years ago

Andy Rodker said:

Good to see!
6 years ago

Jean said:

That is one happy dog. It makes me feel good just to see her. Love when she reunites with her ball.
6 years ago

Annemarie said:

most beautiful
Happy new week:)
6 years ago

William Sutherland said:

Wonderful video!
6 years ago ( translate )

M♥rJ Photogr♥phy !!… said:

Go Girl Go !!! Lovely to see it shows Nervy is getting used to her surroundings & happy with it !!!

Brought a smile & a lump to my throat ♥♥♥♥♥♥ !!!!
6 years ago

LutzP said:

Glad you found new company, Pam. She is a beauty. Good luck with her!
6 years ago

HappySnapper said:

For the short time she has been with you she looks happy.
6 years ago

Smiley Derleth said:

So good to see her frolicking. It looks like pure happiness.
6 years ago