Grape hyacinth.

It's been a pleasant day in spite of being cold and continually alternating between sunshine, hail and snow. I don't have many Sunday chores but they got done painlessly. Amended my Wednesday grocery order. I've suddenly got tired of my usual breakfast so I'm opting for smoothies as a change from tomato juice.
Other than that I've read and done crosswords, photographed birds and gone out in a sunny spell to scatter a few seeds and water the garden. It's very light free draining soil. We quite often see dust storms at this time of year as top soil gets blown off newly ploughed fields. One of the disadvantages of taking out hedges to make fields larger.
Another day when I was going to go to Leven beach but opted out. These grape hyacinth are growing in a container outside my front door. They were a few leftovers from the large number I planted in the front garden. They and an equally large number of daffodils made a good show last year but not one of them has appeared this year. A bit of a mystery !
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Joe, Son of the Rock said:

I love the way the hyacinth stands out from the beautiful background blur. All the best, Joe
3 years ago

Andy Rodker said:

It's a lovely shot of these muscarii!
3 years ago

Malik Raoulda said:

Impeccable ..!
Bonne semaine.
3 years ago ( translate )

HappySnapper said:

Made a good job of this Grape Hyacinth Jean, beautifully sharp and well focused.
3 years ago

Jaap van 't Veen said:

Beautiful floral close-up.
Happy and sunny week ahead.
3 years ago ( translate )

Rainer Blankermann said:

A beautiful image.
Stay safe and healthy, Jean!
3 years ago

Marie-claire Gallet said:

Lovely muscaris, love this blue color ! Happy new week, Jean !!!
3 years ago

Don Sutherland said:

Gorgeous photo.
3 years ago

Jocelyne Villoing said:

Très artistique le muscaris avec ses belles couleurs !
Bonne semaine Jean.
3 years ago ( translate )

Keith Burton said:

Beautifully captured Jean..............I like the lighter blue tops of these ones. I also like the pink and green bokeh. Just lovely..!!

The weather down here is crazy as well and some of our plants have suffered from the frost.

Have a good week!
3 years ago

Weard Bültena said:

sie sehen schön aus.
3 years ago ( translate )

tiabunna said:

A beautiful close-up, Jean.
3 years ago ( translate )

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

Beautiful focusing with the blurred background Jean. It stands out so well. The mystery of your flowers is interesting. My front garden was once full of snow drops and then one year none, and none since!
3 years ago