Who here is on Flickr?

I am moving to flickr and would like to stay in contact with you!
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Sylvain Wiart said:

Hope you'll come here from time to time
9 years ago

Jason Elkins replied to Sylvain Wiart:

Thank you Sylvain!
9 years ago ( translate )

Berny said:

unfortunately not on flickr, we will miss you!
9 years ago

Jason Elkins replied to Berny:

i wont be deleting my account here.... at least that isn't the plan. so many have left since the changes to ipernity. i will be here to view and comment on amazing works of those that are still active here.
9 years ago

Laurence said:

J' adore l'├ętrange...un beau frisson**
9 years ago ( translate )