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Slovakia has one of the most comprehensive hiking trail networks in Europe, with over 14,000 km of marked trails. This trail marking system was added to Slovakia's UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2022.

The marking system uses colored stripes - one red, blue, green or yellow stripe between two white stripes. The stripes are painted on trees, stones, etc to mark the trails.

The color of the stripe denotes the type/difficulty of the trail:
Red marks the most important and long distance trails like the European E8 trail crossing Slovakia. Blue, green and yellow mark other trails based on length and difficulty, not strictly ranked.
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Annemarie said:

never saw a sign with so many colors
5 months ago

m̌ ḫ said:

Annemarie, this is a route where 4 paths (rarely) go along. So it’s 4 signs at one tree .
5 months ago

Eva Lewitus said:

How very interesting! Thanks.
7 weeks ago