Canada Tour / Banff 1 xPiP

A trip to the hoodoo
There are some surreal sights here, the hoodoos in Banff National Park are definitely one of them.
Amidst the forests of Banff National Park, strange figures rise out of the forest floor, the hoodoos.

What is a hoodoo?
A "hoodoo" is the term for a unique rock formation. Hoodoos are tower-like structures made of sedimentary rocks that have been formed by erosion. Hoodoos occur mainly in arid and semi-arid climates. They reach heights of 1.5 to 45 metres. Unlike ordinary rock needles, hoodoos do not have a particular profile; the circumference of such a more or less round rock tower increases and decreases from the base to the top at more or less regular intervals. The shape is reminiscent of a totem pole.
Other names for hoodoos are "fairy chimneys" or "goblins",
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Keith Burton said:

Such amazing rock formations.........and the surrounding landscape is beautiful as we can see in the PiP. A superb pair of photos.
17 months ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

Wow these are fabulous - I love the fact that no two hoodoos are the same. The PiP is simply stunning. The colour of the water is unbelievable.
17 months ago