hey edna, let's go out.
where to, stanley?
I just wanna hit the road.
ok. . . uh, in this?
sure. why not?
I dunno. it's giving me a weird feeling.
whaddya mean?
kinda. . . creeping me out.
don't be silly. by the way, her name's Christine.
that does it. I'm out.
you sure?
ok, but don't let her hear that.
I definitely recommend against it.
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Typo93 said:

Beware of Christine!
(Stephen told me so)
3 years ago

Berny said:

Christine is quite scary............but nice spaceship anyway!
3 years ago ( translate )

raingirl said:

edna doesn't want to go to the future? or into space?
3 years ago

Léopold said:

Batmobile !
3 years ago ( translate )

honeyj replied to Léopold:

He lets me use it. ;-)
3 years ago ( translate )

Love Song said:

Oh Yesssssssssss *_* J****************************************
3 years ago ( translate )

Stephan Fey said:

3 years ago