F37 - purple paint

Found quite a surprise ... trace of purple paint [I believe this is a trace of the 1899 / original livery].
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Eunice Perkins said:

Fabulously weathered! It's great!
13 months ago

Jean-Paul said:

Formen, Strukturen und Farben hauchen dem Bild Leben ein.
13 months ago ( translate )

J.Garcia said:

I agree with Jean-Paul!
Great composition!
13 months ago

StoneRoad2013 said:

Accepted invitation to post this into "Ipernity Photo Gallery"
13 months ago

Annemarie said:

Most beautiful
Wish you a serene Sunday!
13 months ago

Patrick Brandy said:

C'est une belle idée de photo et compo bonne journée.
13 months ago ( translate )

Peter_Private_Box said:

Hi Sara
A wonderful and interesting picture, which I like very much!
Very different kind of composition !
Best Wishes, and stay safe!!
13 months ago