A very belated hello and apology

Dear ipernity friends,

I received a lovely message from Xata asking if Rabbit and I were ok, as we have not been on ipernity for many months. I'm sorry if anyone has missed us or been worried. In May I went off on a long long trip in my motorhome, for nearly four months. I had very limited wifi access while I was away, and decided that I couldn't keep up with ipernity. However, I'm back now, and am intending to upload pictures from the trip. It was a wonderful, potentially life changing experience.

Here is a wee taster - Rabbit on the west coast of the Isle of Harris.

With lots of love to all our friends on ipernity xxx
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Amelia said:

A beach all to yourself, Rabbit. ;-)
4 years ago

Keith Burton said:

Hey, welcome back you two................I've missed you, as have many people on IP I suspect!

My kind of beach...............deserted, apart from the odd Rabbit. It looks really beautiful and if you hadn't given the location, it could easily have been mistaken for somewhere in the Caribbean!

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip photos.
4 years ago

Xata said:

4 years ago

Jean said:

I recognise that beach and am delighted to see Rabbit sunning himself on it. Welcome back both of you. Looking forward to the photos.
4 years ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

Good to have you back, and look forward to many pictures from your long road trip :)
4 years ago

Leon_Vienna said:

I just love the footprints leading to Rabbit - but somehow he's lost again ... well, it may happen. Yet, all the best for the New Year.
Maybe you will appear again on ip. ;-)
4 years ago

Janet Brien said:

BUN!!! I have missed you ever-so! I knew you guys went on a trip but hoped you would come back to us here on ipernity. I do understand how life can sweep you away though, but I sure do hope that you'll be back with us and sharing your wonderful pictures and bubbly outlook! :)
4 years ago