Fall Fun

Saturday Self-Challenge: Herbst (Autumn)

Since I live in Florida, it was a bit of a challenge to find obvious signs of autumn. However, signs of autumn appear in stores that sell decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I found this humorous stack of pumpkins in a store selling autumn holiday decorations.

Have a wonderful fall weekend, everyone!
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Ulrich John said:

Great and funny, Val !
2 years ago

©UdoSm said:

2 years ago ( translate )

Taormina said:

Jetzt überlege ich natürlich, welches Kostüm ich zu Halloween wähle ;)
2 years ago ( translate )

Annaig56 said:

ah j'adore l'idée et tes sourires me plaisent bien,, la 3ème me ressemble étrange étrange,,
2 years ago ( translate )

beapixa said:

Halloween kann kommen!
2 years ago ( translate )

neira-Dan said:

haha ! ça donne vraiment envie de rire !!
2 years ago ( translate )

Fred Fouarge said:

Klasse super ha ha ha
2 years ago ( translate )

Jenny McIntyre said:

Oh these are fantastic. We don't do things like that over here, but it would be fun.
2 years ago

Hélène Lombard said:

Une oeuvre très amusante et qui nous donne le sourire !!!! Bonsoir.
2 years ago ( translate )

Heide said:

A real eye-catcher - just right for a Halloween celebration.
Well presented, Valerie
2 years ago ( translate )

Esther said:

That is the strangest pumpkin decoration that I have seen to date!
2 years ago

Jan said:

That’s fun Val
2 years ago

micritter said:

A wonderful find, beautifully captured.
2 years ago

Don Sutherland said:

Awesome find and photo.
2 years ago

Jaap van 't Veen said:

Joyful fall picture.
Have a nice week ahead.
2 years ago ( translate )