Doves, wires and the Sun

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raingirl said:

great moment and wonderful color.

and welcome to ipernity!
19 months ago

Mike C replied to raingirl:

Cheers and glad you liked it!
Wasn't sure if I'm supposed to introduce myself, so I just posted the photo :)
19 months ago

raingirl replied to Mike C:

Hi Mike,

You can introduce yourself on your 'about' page here: www.ipernity.com/user/2738128

You will get an ipermail (our internal email) with some helpful information about how to get around and how to use our club's website. Should get to you within a few days.

We own and run the club's website ourselves (us members), so it's just volunteers, not employees, getting thing done.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have - or use the 'Help & Contact' link at the bottom of any ipernity page.
19 months ago

Madame MINEDERIEN said:

Une partition de musique et des notes. C'est très beau
19 months ago ( translate )

Mike C replied to Madame MINEDERIEN:

That's one very creative look! Thanks!
19 months ago