Leith Place Carving.

During this last year one of the large trees fell on one of the shops. This resulted in the felling of all our lovely trees as it was discovered that there was a very hard layer of material that the roots could not penetrate, making safety an issue. We were all very sad.

Fortunately, the tree which came down fell a short time before the shop was due to open in the morning and the staff had not quite arrived, so no one was hurt.

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Anton Cruz Carro said:

Nice place Eunice. Cutting down trees is always a shame. Some have been here much longer than us.
21 months ago

John Lawrence said:

Thanks for posting your wonderful picture to

21 months ago

William Sutherland said:

Superb street shot! Stay well!
21 months ago

Pam J said:

21 months ago

Gillian Everett said:

Glad no one was hurt. Sad to lose a tree
21 months ago

Valeriane ♫ ♫ ♫¨* said:

c'est toujours triste d'abattre des arbres ! belle vue*********************
bon dimanche Eunice ! Amitiés♫
21 months ago ( translate )