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This is the most recent comprehensive ranking of photo sharing sites (2018, german)

Il s'agit du classement complet le plus récent des sites de partage de photos (2018, allemand)

Dies ist das aktuellste übergreifende Ranking von Photo-Sharing-Seiten (2018, deutsch)

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Rob Fletcher said:

Excellent site and a very nice knowledgeable community.
5 years ago

Natfree said:

excellent site, très convivial et pratique qui unit les personnes à travers les frontières
5 years ago ( translate )

Bergfex said:

Only a few positive ratings are needed for ipernity to come second in the ranking.
Although it is a German rating portal, English comments are also possible.
5 years ago

Clickity Click replied to Bergfex:

well Bernard, I did a back and forth translation this afternoon. But I had to register to login and have the comment post but I could not figure out how to register :( Perhaps I should not try as it I did get it to register I might have difficulty trying to un register in the future. Sorry I did try.
5 years ago

Spo replied to Clickity Click:

I could not make it either. After I signed in separately and then tried to submit the ipernity poll, it told me an error had happened and asked me to contact the maintenance.
3 years ago

Jocelyne Villoing said:

Hello, un site super ici, à bientôt !*****
4 years ago ( translate )

Deborah Lundbech said:

I live in Vermont, where a high quality/small is beautiful/human scale ethos is admired and cultivated. So, everything about Ipernity fits me to a "T".
I have never regretted leaving the "other one" and once I geared down my views and likes expectations - which were nice, but never the main thing for me - I realized how perfectly Ipernity matched what I was looking for.
I am really happy to have switched - and stayed!
4 years ago

raingirl replied to Spo:

I managed to succeed. I'm wondering what you mean by submitting the 'ipernity poll'? Where you trying to add something other than just text? Maybe that was the problem?
3 years ago

Spo replied to raingirl:

By ipernity poll I just meant their procedure of submitting my opinion, a survey or whatever it is called. I tried it again this morning with Facebook identification, but the yellow bar is just left rolling at the top, nothing else ever happens. Perhaps my ipad browser is too old for them, I'll try it on the desktop asap.
3 years ago

Spo replied to Spo:

Desktop browser worked. All my old ios browsers failed to show Trusted's warnings of too short text fields thus allowing them to be submitted, at which point the service stuck.
3 years ago

J. Gafarot said:

This is a super friendly and valued show of great pictures and friendly people.
I like it very much.
3 years ago

Léopold said:

Je suis ici depuis 2008 et je recommande fortement ce site de haute gamme pour un prix d'abonnement plus qu'abordable et raisonnable. Merci de tout coeur à l'équipe qui poursuit généreusement la mission. J'ai beaucoup de gratitude pour ce que vous avez fait et faites encore. Ipernity est mon deuxième chez-moi. Bravo et longue vie à Ipernity !

5 millions d'étoiles !! *************************************************..........à l'infini !!!
3 years ago ( translate )

Jocelyne Villoing said:

Ipernity est mon rayon de soleil journalier depuis 2006, mille mercis à toute l'équipe qui lui est tellement dévouées, une pluie d'étoiles pour ce merveilleux site avec tous mes remerciements.
2 years ago ( translate )

Isisbridge said:

Ipernity is an excellent and easy-to-use photo site with an attractive layout. Photos can be grouped in albums, with keywords for easy acessibility, and it has the additional advantage of displaying videos and written articles too. Well worth the subscription.
17 months ago

J. Gafarot said:

Still stand for my comment of two years ago hand now add : thank you for your kindness.
14 months ago