''A Happy fence Friday'' to all - and 'Good wishes' too... from > Dj.

A photo from November 2013.. the offices of the ''Halifax bulding society'' in the town of 'Halifax'. a Minster and market town in West Yorkshire. , the town became an economic hub of the old West Ridng, and was a thriving mill town during the industrial revolution.
Tech. info'....
NEX 5 photo using the Sony SEL16F28 16mm f/2.8 together with the 'click on' 'VCL-ECU 1' ultra wide adaptor which has a focal-length reduction factor of 0.75×, the resultant actual focal length on APS-C is a mere 12mm, so very useful on occasions.
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Karl Hartwig Schütz said:

HFF to you!
16 months ago

David G Johnson replied to Karl Hartwig Schütz:

A ''HFF'' to you too Karl... and 'good wishes' from David J.
16 months ago

Nicolas Mertens said:

Love it!
16 months ago ( translate )

David G Johnson replied to Nicolas Mertens:

Cheers Nicolas,.. an oldie due to me not getting out this past week,,..
Have a good weekend youth,.. and keep well - from Dj.
16 months ago

Jaap van 't Veen said:

Beautiful architectural image.
Happy FF and peace and freedom for Ukraine.
16 months ago

David G Johnson replied to Jaap van 't Veen:

Thanks Jaap'... yes 'peace and freedom for everyone'.. but history shows, it will never be.
A HFF to you and good wishes from Dj..
16 months ago

Stefani Wehner said:

Great angle, David!

HFF and enjoy your weekend!
16 months ago ( translate )

David G Johnson replied to Stefani Wehner:

Thanks Stefani.. a HFF to you - have a fine weekend yourself,.and good wishes from > Dj.
16 months ago

Schussentäler said:

HFF und ein erholsames Wochenende wünsche ich Dir
16 months ago ( translate )

David G Johnson replied to Schussentäler:

Thanks,... have a good and relaxing weekend yourself,.. keep well and a ''HFF'' from Dj.. UK.
16 months ago

Roger (Grisly) said:

Superb capture David and interesting ultra-wide adaptor, how does it cope with distortion?
HFF and a great weekend
16 months ago

David G Johnson replied to Roger (Grisly):

Gotcha thanks Roger,.. I'm always pleased with the results from this.,. as with most ultra wide the main aim is to keep level and not get too much 'keystoning' lean back,. but then again it can be creative.. the 16mm with this adaptor is smack on for tight spaces.. caves' etc.
In normal interior shooting conditions, no vignetting is noticeable with this converter in place. Outdoors with a clear blue sky may show some variation in brightness, which one would expect to improve with stopping down of the lens.
Have a good weekend - keep well and a HFF to you - from > Dj.
16 months ago

Annemarie said:

Most beautiful image

I wish you a peaceful weekend:)
16 months ago

Stephan Fey said:

HFF and a happy weekend, David!
16 months ago ( translate )

Gudrun said:

Cool ultrawide angle! Funny how banks, insurances and the like always have the biggest buidlings;-) hFF and a good weekend!
16 months ago