Vintage Charles Shulz

In 1970, the famed "Peanuts" cartoonist Charles Shulz wrote a letter in response to one from a young boy. This was in a time of great societal upheaval in the USA, with student strikes, constant protests regarding the Viet Nam war, racial injustice, poverty and many other societal problems. His message is exactly what we need to remember - and not only here in the USA. Political wisdom comes from many places - and so does political folly. Source: tinyurl.com/5n93b4ut

Sorry about the blurriness. It couldn't be helped.
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polytropos said:

Wow! This is great!
Yes, there are dark times coming to us this winter ....
5 weeks ago

Diane Putnam replied to polytropos:

The world is in trouble...
4 weeks ago

Jean Paul Capdeville said:

Une lettre que beaucoup de gens devraient lire ici aussi en France.Je suis démoralisé par le vote qui a eu lieu hier et ses conséquences possibles. Je vais écrire à Antoine de Saint Exupéry pour qu'il me trouve une étoile sur laquelle je puisse aller m'installer.
5 weeks ago ( translate )

Diane Putnam replied to Jean Paul Capdeville:

If a certain hideous madman wins here, may I have the star's address so I can join you?
4 weeks ago

aNNa schramm replied to Jean Paul Capdeville:

2 weeks ago ( translate )

Ronald Losure said:

Good advice for us all. Thanks for sharing.
5 weeks ago

Diane Putnam replied to Ronald Losure:

You're welcome, Ronald!
4 weeks ago ( translate )

aNNa schramm said:

schön dass du diesen Brief veröffentlicht hast *******
2 weeks ago ( translate )