Ipernity Club - members from around the world
This list of the numbers of Ipernity Club members from each country is interesting
and should really be a selling point for Ipernity along with the list of languages supported.

The list is only split EU and non-EU because it was created in an answer to the question of how many people would qualify to put themselves forward for senior positions in IMA which in relation to banking and constitution are France based and only EU citizens can take those posts.

Members from 89 countries

264 Germany
256 France
35 Italy
33 Netherlands
28 Austria
20 Spain
13 Belgium
11 Finland
10 Portugal
(46 in other 12 EU countries)

Outside the EU, most members live in:
170 United States
164 United Kingdom
33 Canada
35 Switzerland
(136 in 30 other countries)



HappySnapper said:

Good point, I went to Flickr and searched "Finland" Many groups came up most of which had not been used for years but I did find one with recent up date and opened it, I found a user with portfolio similar to mine, picked on an image and made a comment then invited the member to view my Ipernity page using my Ipernity address as the link.
3 years ago

Andy Rodker said:

Interesting to see. I had always known there seemed to be a preponderence of German and French members but actually not as much as I had imagined. By the way, I am British, resident these past 10 years in Spain and sadly no longer a EU citizen. Where am I placed
on the list?.
3 years ago

Colin Ashcroft replied to Andy Rodker:

If you really want to know then you better ask at the original blog source as above
3 years ago

StoneRoad2013 said:

The membership by country list is very interesting
3 years ago

Isisbridge said:

How refreshing to see United Kingdom listed as outside the EU!
3 years ago