Absent..if I do not visit you...sorry !
I am away till 20 November in Borneo. I do not have much Internet...if I do not visit you, please excuse and understand. I will try to catch up when I return!
Cheers to all


just"jj" said:

What a wonderful opportunity!
I do hope you are safe though; my son was in New Jersey for Hurricane Sandy, so know what it is like to wait on news.
10 years ago

Diana Australis replied to just"jj":

We are fine....Borneo is well out of hurricane way...we are just hot and sticky! Thanks, Judith
10 years ago

Phill G said:

It's official...you have FAR too many holidays...and what happened to my job as a sherpa?? Borneo would have been just the ticket! Wishing you a wonderful trip, and look forward to seeing the photos when you get back.
10 years ago