How to participate in the IGA 2024
How the IGA will be run 2024
(Note: Some links will only be available after being signed up to attend)

As an international community, the IGA takes place online and will be on
Sunday, April 7, 2024 at 16:00 (UTC).

The IGA takes place in the 'Ipernity General Assembly' group's discussions found here: IGA Group Discussions

1) How to Sign Up Register to attend by April 3rd, 2024.
2) How To Vote Learn voting method for 2024 (same as for 2023) before the meeting date.
3) IGA 2024 Reports 24 hours before the meeting, all reports (Presidential, Financial, Treasurer and any other reports as listed in the agenda) will be posted and available for attendees to read. It is a good idea to read these before the IGA convenes.
4) Sign In To Meeting On the meeting day, sign the register to confirm your attendance.
5) IGA 2024 Meeting Page Once signed in, go to the discussion page where the meeting itself is held.
6) NOTE: Refresh the meeting page once a minute to see what is going on, when to comment and when to vote.
7) Lounge - Participant Discussions Informal conversations about the meeting can take place in the ipernity Lounge, or on discord in the iga public channel.


Isabelle Barruhet said:

Pas possible pour moi de participer ce jour là : absente toute la journée pour un festival photo à Vienne (France) et le soir à Valence (photos de spectacle butoh)
2 months ago ( translate )

Team replied to Isabelle Barruhet:

Sorry you can't make it. Nice that it is for a photographic reason.
2 months ago

tiabunna said:

I'll lodge an apology here (which I suspect would be applicable to most Australian members). Because of time zones, the meeting is scheduled for 2AM our local (Eastern Australia) time. That said, best wishes for a successful meeting.
2 months ago

Colin Ashcroft said:

Should I have received the voting links. Checked again this morning and none received. I have checked Junk. I have emailed Moderator from my private address with the same question.

Resolved by Rob Stamp now
2 months ago