LouisvilleLeopardPercussionists ---

Ages 7 - 12
60+ members in the orchestra -
If you can, check out:

There are times we all wonder -- what about the kids of today ..
Well, listen to the music - the dedication they have -
These are the adults of tomorrow !

They have a 'Big Gig' every year in Louisiville KY, so if you live nearby -- you are in luck! What a great night of music you will be able to enjoy !


Pam J said:

I am sure these are brilliant kids.

There is nothing wrong with the kids today... just something wrong with those folks who forget they were 16 once

I can think if thousands of rude and grump "older" people too.

Good Luck to these youngsters.
9 years ago

Peggy C said:

A wonderful group -- talented -- not afraid to work to achieve musical success -- and it certainly is giving them a great base for their lives....
9 years ago

Ronald Losure said:

I found this group a year or two ago (I think without your help, but who knows). They are wonderful musicians.
6 years ago