Music ..
Life is black and white --- until you add music, then it becomes so colorful (think I found that among writings of Artie Shaw)..
So, I shall share my recent musical delights with you ( warning: if you don't like Bluegrass, don't open the link ) ~
The group is Old Holmes Boys based in North Carolina -

Gary is the Holmes part -- plays guitar & does vocals ..

Richard -- bass Ukelele (which is in a case - strapped to his back as he drives up on his Harley) .. then comes in to play such great sounds ~

Rafe -- plays Mandolin, Banjo & vocals (maybe guitar) .. without going to check the photos, am not sure .. he can probably play anything with strings on it !

Parker -- Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar & vocals ... as of 14July2014, he hadn't yet turned 19yrs old~

They all have a great sense of humor - talented to the nth degree - and so enjoy what they are doing. Not one cue card/iPad or such to remind them of words to songs .. so, that does account for a couple of verses forgotten ! No worry - the 'back up singers' a.k.a. the audience -- filled in!



Peggy C said:

.. glad you did, Sue ! You would have really enjoyed them !
10 years ago

Peggy C said:

- what gets me, John -- the youngest is not 19 yrs old yet! He is amazing [ to me ] anyhow --- but, then I am one who can't read music -- just go by ear.
10 years ago

Clint said:

I love Bluegrass, Peggy, and this is good music. I've always wished I could play, but I have the musical talent of rocks.

There used to be a big Bluegrass festival in the town where I lived in Kentucky. I did a stint delivering Wall Street Journals, and one of my stops was the big hotel where all the Bluegrass people stayed. It was a big building with a giant open lobby that went up seven stories, and all the Bluegrass people were out on their balconies, playing away. It was a surreal, but beautiful moment. I stayed in there about a half-hour.
10 years ago

Pam J said:

I LOVE this music.

From years ago ai have an LP called "Blue Ridge Mountain Field Trip" That is what hooked me

Isnt it wonderful to see this kind of passion for the joy of music !!
10 years ago

Peggy C said:

.. thank you all and glad you enjoyed this bit of Joy ! Most of the guys showed up at the Wednesday night Acoustic Jam at a local grill. If you want to play, there is a sign up sheet and you have a certain amount of time - depends on how many folks sign up.
.. then, there is the 'percussion' group --- Shannon, Mike-Just-Mike and Peggy-Just-Peggy ... hand drums, cymbals, shakeres, tambourines and more --- we add to anyone group/ person who would like us to join in

It is lots of fun !
9 years ago