open letter to ipernity

Dear ipernity-team,

ipernity is a good place.
But I have some questions:
Why is it allowed, that user can show here stolen images ('netfinds')?
Why is it allowed, that user can show here candid shots (where are the personal rights from the people on this pictures)?
And, why close ipernity accounts with artful pictures (primary accounts with nude males)?

Best regards
Knut W.
(excuse my bad english)


Team said:

Hello Knut

Thanks for your questions.

The purpose of ipernity is to host original content. We do not accept photos or videos picked off the Web nor indeed imported pirated MP3’s or borrowed articles from the written press. Feel free to report us forbidden (your'll find a link on each document page).

About "candid shots", here's the rule: photos/video of recognizable people taken unwittingly in a private place and those taken in a public place but with people presented in a demeaning manner are prohibited. Other photos/video of recognizable people taken in a public place without their knowledge are only allowed for PRIVATE sharing.

Concerning nudity: depictions of partial or total nudity in a non-sexual context is allowed for public sharing. Everything else must be shared in private. If sexual attributes are the main subject of a photo/video (artwork or not), we consider it as "sexual".

When we face any content related problem, we use to suspend the related account, asking its member to remove such content or to change its sharing settings. Depending on the seriousness of the case or in case of recurrence, we can decide to terminate the account.

We are still working on a new rating/filtering system. We know that lots of members are waiting it. We put all our efforts into that project to release it soon.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

Thank you for using ipernity.

Christian // ipernity Team
14 years ago

Knut Photos replied to Team:

Hello Christian,

thanks a lot for your answer!

About "stolen images":
I need only seconds to find stolen images.
For example, a stolen picture of Heidi Klum (photographer: Brett Ratner for the Jordache Jeans campaign) on ipernity.
Another example: You can find this photo from Bruno Bisang
on ipernity...
And so on...

About "candid shots":
I think, ipernity makes advertising for such groups:
If you click on groups, you can see under "Discover those groups"
sometimes groups like:
"candid girls"

And, what is with porn?
See groups like this:
"(Ehe-) Frauen die sich (draussen) gerne zeigen ..."

So much porn here !!!
And you close the account of Samuel B. ...?

Sorry, but I dont' understand it completely.
Personal rights and original content ist very important.
Art is important.

If you delete porn... ok. And stolen images...

I will be sad, if artists with very artful photos will go away from ipernity.

Best regards and thanks again
14 years ago

Iljuschin said:

There are two possibilities: either they had (again) completely underestimated the efforts for redesigning the system with multiple cache or they simply don't care. They told us that the system is 80% finished in february, seems that on 95% finish up someone detected a serious big problem. If not, they don't care, because there is a blackboard group to send news for all which have a problem with the current state. But there is silence. Seems for me too, that if they have complains this account shutdown will be processed by a robot, they do no diff between porn or not. The latter is on the other hand consequent: They always claim those "child-protection"-Blah-No-Genitals-Stuff, which is not the decision line between porn or not.
Personally I do not have the problem here with my account, due to lack of "problematic" photos, but I am affected if people I visit are affected. I even think about reactivating my flickr account, is for me no diff if some french robot censr or ami censr are active in a community, especially if they do not have one eye to the quality of pictures they block upon a complaint of someone surfing around in ipernity.
Seems for me too, that those people which might have problems with admins eliminate the admin problem by running their own system. In fact layouts for photo blog systems are often better presenting artistic pictures than here in a "stream" and with those dia flash-boxes without great possibility to layout those flash-boxes. Rests the problem, that you loose the community if you shut down your flickr or ipernity account completely. And it rests the problem, that they were so quite happy to have a refugee for all flickr-pissed-people. They should have been aware that people fleeing from flickr are not those which post always flowers with bumblebees, for christ's sake! In june I have to renew my pro account, dear ipernity staff out there!

Edit: 13 minutes earlier there was the post from ip up there. Again: To do not care about a admin decision what is sexual and what not (which might never be hunky-dory for all participants), we need this filtering system. Fix this and fix it fast, because this is the main problem here.
14 years ago

Iljuschin said:

Ich spiele jetzt Petze und melde einfach jedes Photo: candid mit gesicht, geklautes und naggische auf ipernity startbilder + whats hot titten. Das gibt eine schöne Arbeit!
14 years ago ( translate )

.t.a.o.n. said:

frage: WER bei iper ist zuständig für die sperrungen ? christian ? lea ? wer legt welche definitionen wie aus ? warum gibt es das filtering/rating-system noch nicht, das uns auf ende februar versprochen wurde und WER ist dafür verantwortlich ? WER gräbt iper sein eigenes grab, die künstler oder die administration selbst ?

iper ohne kreative köpfe auch in den bereichen des künstlerischen bis provokativen akts wäre eine plattform des maintreams only, kommerziell nutzbar, aber jenseits dessen, was sich iper selbst auf die fahnen geschrieben und als alternative zu flickr und co aufgedrängt hatte.
14 years ago ( translate )

2 said:

en gros
il faudrait plus de censure et plus de censeurs aussi et puis aussi des contrôleurs et les contrôleurs des contrôleurs et puis il faudrait aussi un comité central qui décide ce qui est de l'art de ce qui est du porno
je trouve ça pitoyable
la liberté est un bien précieux et on devrait y réfléchir à 2 fois avant de réclamer plus de contrôle
14 years ago ( translate )