After Christmas..
Well actually I consider the entire week between Christmas and New Year to be the Holiday week... It's all good.. Yesterday went very well. Everyone was extremely happy with their gifts.. We all got what we wanted.. The weather was just fine yesterday. Not like today and glad of it! Right now it's snowing, hailing and very windy and cold! About 31F or -0.5C.. We went to my sisters where there were 15 of us..10 adults, 4 children under 10 and one 1/2 adult... That would be me.. I prefer to play with the young ones.. Sooo.. Well, lets just say I get yelled at as much as the others sometimes.
I got several really good gifts.. Books and assorted ornaments. My daughter got us(her and I) VIP tickets to the Harry Potter Exhibit in New York City! That is I think, going to wind up being my favorite! It's open dated so I can go anytime between now and the closing in April.. We don't have to wait in line and get a few little other "VIP" treatment things I'm not sure of right now.. She'll be a little bored because she enjoys it but not like I do.. Me, I'm the geeky nerd in the family! I'm putting some pictures of a couple of my favorite things in my gallery.. Hope everyone had a great time and was able to enjoy their day as they wanted!


Gracie said:

That sound like a plan!
11 years ago ( translate )

Jenny McIntyre said:

My son would give his right arm to go to the Harry Potter exhibit in NYC. As for the snowing and hailing - we, for once, don't have that bad weather. It's been a nice-ish day, and apparently we can expect the same tomorrow. After that - rain and more rain!!!
11 years ago

Gracie replied to Jenny McIntyre:

Jenny it was already in England..I don't know if it's going back. Perhaps theres a schedule online? Carol went and posted awsome pictures!
11 years ago

Mickey fez said:

I'm glad things went well for you Happy new year
11 years ago

Stormlizard said:

Glad you enjoyed the Festive season Gracie.
Happy New Year.

11 years ago