PEN F rangefinder feeling and downsizing

I chose the form factor of the Olympus Pen F body due to my years of owning and using my father's rangefinder Leica M3 and later my own M6. After 10 digital years with the m43 camera system, I realize how familiar a system becomes. My Pen F is like walking around with different films in older times. I no longer shoot raw, for me the Olympus jpeg output is perfect - when I take time and slow down. Pen F offers all the latest imaging technology, you better read elsewhere. Here I introduce my subjectivity and personal relationship with a cam. The Pen F unique colour wheel is the painters palette and makes fun the moment taking photos without post processing. In situ you choose a Kodachrome, Ektachrome or with the monochrome profile a similar Tri-X film. Play with the yellow or green filter for portraits to keep more details in the skin tones. A red or orange filter would make the face brighter with less detail. Focus into your artistic flow.

It's not a simple camera but a piece of art. The settings of my little jewel are awesome and the shutter sound is sublime for an old boy. My rangefinder dream machine has a beautiful design, is beautifully crafted and well-built, that inspires confidence. Flipping the LCD into camera can save some battery life, gives protection and an oldfashioned impression. As a former Leica enthusiast this camera comes closest to my old love and is my perfect tool for spontaneous artistic snaps. For that purpose it has a big exposure compensation dial. It happens regularely that people ask me if it is an analogue camera. And therefore you have a discretion bonus.

Experience the the art of zen with some small primes, the purest form of photography! I started with the classical 35 and 90 mm, now I mostly grab 15 mm and 56 mm primes m43 system cam (versus 30 mm and 112mm). The versatility of two premium f/1.8 primes is my lightweight walkaround kit. No more over 1kg photo gear in my backpack! I like minimalism, this freedom gives me creativity. It trains to look in wide angle, bokeh and background compression.

Still using a digital camera for many years, is this what a "limited edition anniversary" camera is all about? Even if the Pen-F is born in 2016 it is timeless. Three years after introduction and must have, I purchased a silver one second hand for 700€ and now a black one for 500€, what do I need more? My older stuff goes to my grandchildren for learning by doing. The only but: I dislike the flip screen. The older pop back screen was best for street photography.

How things will develop we will see. The chase for newer gear is neverending, now l focus on my craft. Nothing else has the fun factor of an F ! Don't worry, just keep walking and making photographs, thats all that matters!

(c) by Ern Jacoby

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