Duties of the Vice President of ipernity
As the current elected mandate holder, I would like to answer questions regarding the duties of the Vice President of ipernity as follows:

Duties of the Vice President as specified in the Statutes, Article VII, Section 1 (B):

1. Compiling, publishing and moderating these periodical Club News
2. Maintaining relations with external media (as far as helpful)
3. Creating and distributing press releases (very seldom, only if required)
4. Selecting and finalising eye-catching pictures of club members for our homepage
5. Coordinating all activities to promote ipernity in appropriate media
6. Maintaining a list of all club members (on a stand-alone PC, for security reasons)
7. Generating evaluations and projections on membership trends (only if required)

These duties allow a great deal of creative freedom. Assistants can be involved for individual tasks at your own disposal. So almost everything can be delegated as long as the Vice President holds the reins. Some tasks have to be done regularly, others only rarely. They can also be performed by other Executive Board members by mutual agreement.

This mandate requires a certain passion for interacting with language. Good teamwork skills and a degree of sensitivity in dealing with people and media are beneficial.



a. With regard to external promoting activities (item 5), a well-prepared catalogue of measures already exists. This can be adapted to changing demands or insights at any time. In the past, the individual measures were jointly achieved by many members in the form of teamwork. The task of the Vice President is to coordinate these activities and to keep them going according to their priorities.

b. Formally, the vice president stands in for the president in dealings with authorities and business partners. (This has never been necessary so far.) Nevertheless, he is entered in the official register of associations as the official representative. He is fully authorised to sign and receives full access to the ipernity database.

c. Last, but not least: As an elected member of the association's board (ima team), the Vice President helps to shape the future of our association. This is probably the most exciting task of all.


Time required: By 5 hours per week upwards.


Peggy C said:

6 months ago

* ઇઉ * said:

You have set high standards with your outstanding work as Vice President.
To date, I know of no one better suited for this position than you, but I would be delighted if a successor could be found who would accept the challenge and bring the necessary expertise and passion to this position.
6 months ago