In their branches
In 2013 The Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) Radio National asked its audience for stories of the trees they loved and the trees they had lost.There was an enormous response to the on-line project. It was wonderful reading responses from all over Australia, covering so many perspectives.. One of my poems was selected for publication.

Black winter:
ravens, windy skies.
Deep-green moss gleams on the elms.
The last sentinel leaves
have left their usual stations
to rattle and scuttle,
drift and pile.
They've gone to earth,
leaving the job to the new recruits,
still wrapped up
dreaming in their buds.
A lone honeyeater rest in a tree.

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Elbertinum said:

Viele Menschen entwickeln wieder ein spontanes und gutes Gef├╝hl zur Natur :-)
8 years ago ( translate )