The day from hell
Yesterday, Friday 19th November was definitely NOT a good day for this household.
Although, I know it could have been far worse ...

First strike - we've all had a bout of digestive problems, involving frequents visits to sit on the loo. Cause unknown, no other symptoms, in case anyone suggests LFTs.
[oh, and our visiting cat needed an emergency bathroom break ... but not the dog, as far as we can tell]

Second strike - on a search for windfall apples, one of us managed a poke in the eye with a bit of stick, which bled for a while. That resulted in some first aid and a visit to our local minor injuries unit, came away with ointment for 5 days. The eye is looking much better now.

Third strike - I had to go and deal with a dispute at work [long-standing and has roots in clashing personalities]. Having listened to both sides, together and separately, I gave them both an instruction, that they both agreed would be complied with before leaving work on Friday. They will both get letters on Monday, with an action plan to sort out the problem in the short, medium & long term.
[the weather is cold, wet & windy and I did a lot of this outside - for privacy - and therefore I got very cold & personally dispirited by the situation]

You would think that would be quite enough for one day ...

Had a call in the evening ... An elderly relative has died [not from Covid], another family member has had a relationship breakdown, and a third part of the family has had a well-loved pet die unexpectedly.

Not sure if not being able to eat an evening meal, or sleep properly count for this list.

I just need something good to happen ...
[It will be two weeks after my booster this coming Friday ... I hope that counts !]


Bee Orchid said:

Oh dear you did have a very bad day.
Sincerely hope things start to look up, and that you all feel better very soon.
Condolences on the death in the family.
Hope you can catch up on sleep very soon.
Take care.
2 years ago

StoneRoad2013 replied to Bee Orchid:

Thank You, Fran

The digestive thing *seems* to be clearing up ...
and I've managed to apply ointment to the offending eye - which looks much better already.

The annoying work thing is still a WIP ...

We've managed some decent sleep and a few cat-naps, and the weather was relatively decent today, if somewhat colder than I like.

Keep Safe & I hope your life is also improving ...
2 years ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

Oh no - what a day you've had. I am so sorry to hear about your relative passing and the poke in the eye. At least you can say that it all happened in one day - so you should be relatively okay for good days after this debacle. Please just take care and look after yourself. I hope the digestive thing does clear up pretty quickly - there's nothing worse than having to cope with problems when you're stuck on the toilet!!!
2 years ago

StoneRoad2013 replied to Jenny McIntyre:

Thanks Jenny.
I am hoping that all illnesses & injuries clear up quickly, it seems that way so far
Some other things are a bit more complicated and will, no doubt, hang around [like a bad smell] for a little longer ...
Some seasonal good news - the majority of the local ewes all have pretty coloured rear ends atm - raddle marks from the tup - so looking forward to the lambing season next spring.
By Friday 26th my immunity should be back up after my booster ... and its my wedding anniversary. Planning a meal, perhaps Chish & Fips by the sea or if the weather's too cold or rough, maybe we'll get a curry & the trimmings delivered instead.
2 years ago

Kimmo Ollikainen said:

I have had my good times bad times. I'm an educated and trained soldier (in the reserves for decades now), so I usually look to the things in a view of "how can this be solved?"

It doesn't exactly help, but it keeps you going. Concentrate on the target. Forget the rest.
2 years ago

StoneRoad2013 replied to Kimmo Ollikainen:

Thank You, that is good advice.
What I usually do is break the "big job" down into smaller segments.
Prioritise those and deal first with what I need to do now, then pick the next [small] target and onto that, ignore what's not really important ...
2 years ago