Solidarity with France
2015 has been a dark year for humanity.

In January, we mourned the brave cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo who lost their lives simply for exercising their inherent right of free speech, along with others who died in related incidents.

Now, as the year nears an end and the joyous Hanukkah and Christmas holidays approach, Islamist terrorists have again inflicted their deadly and barbaric savagery on the people of France. In doing so, they trampled human dignity and the most basic and inalienable rights of people.

In the wake of this enormous tragedy, all good people everywhere should stand with France and her people. Despite the barriers of geography and distance, tonight we are all French. We must be, if we are part of the human family.

Tonight the world mourns.

Every person who savors life and embraces the most basic humanitarian principles sheds tears for the French people. The French people are an integral part of one human family. Tonight, the human family has suffered an incalculable loss.

Tomorrow the world needs persistent and unwavering courage.

Every person who cherishes free and tolerant societies must stand with France and her people. The world must have the courage to face down the extremists who take the lives and steal the freedom of innocent people as a sacrifice to their monstrous ideology and in pursuit of their repressive goals.

If that courage is lacking, human progress will be in retreat. Everything good about humanity will be put at risk. However, with steadfast courage, the darkness of evil and its perpetrators will recede.

The world will never forget tonight’s terrible events. But with such courage, the human family will survive. Over time, there will be a measure of remembrance and healing. Additional chapters of the remarkable story of human progress will be written.

My thoughts, condolences, prayers, and heart go out to France and her people.


Pam J said:

My heart is with them....

My brother and sister-in Law live in France and have done for 15 years.

I also lived in London in the dark days of the IRA bombings.

I stand with them
8 years ago

Don Sutherland replied to Pam J:

I hope your brother and sister-in-law are all right. I remember reading about the IRA terrorist attacks when I was in school. I'm glad that terrible period is in the past.
8 years ago

Pam J replied to :

Thankyou Don...

They live in a small village a long way from this.

But one always thinks...... and I have never forgotten the fears and the anger and the defiance and determination NOT to be made victims
8 years ago

Don Sutherland replied to :

I'm happy to learn that they were far away from the attacks. No one can forget the experiences those in London and you suffered during that time. It's sad that there are elements in humanity who advocate and inflict such violence against innocent people.
8 years ago

Fizgig said:

Paris 11.13.15 In Memoriam
8 years ago ( translate )

Stormlizard said:

Many of us here at Ipernity have friendly contacts in France, we stand together here.

Thank you Don for your writing of this Article.
8 years ago

aNNa schramm said:

Entsetzen und Schock war das Erste was ich fühlte als ich in der Nacht die Nachrichten von den Terroranschlägen sah.
Trauer und Wut erfüllen mich und ich kann und werde es nie verstehen, wie Menschen anderen Menschen so etwas antun können.
Es sind Barbaren die so etwas Schreckliches ausführen, sie sollen keine Gnade finden!
Meine Gedanken und Gefühle gelten den Menschen die direkt von den Greueltaten betroffen sind und Frankreich!
Mein Herz weint mit - aNNa*
8 years ago ( translate )

StoneRoad2013 said:

Very well written, and I offer support to the all those who are victims of this tragedy - whether directly or indirectly.
8 years ago

Sylvie Coeffic said:

Thank you Don.
8 years ago

Don Sutherland said:

From an evening walk, one can see the French tri-color that illuminates the top of One World Trade Center even from 25 miles (40 km) away. Seeing it brings back fond memories of times in Paris and strengthens my sense of solidarity with the French people at this difficult time.

8 years ago

Pam J replied to Don Sutherland:

Oh Don.... this made me shiver... THAT is what true solidarity.... friendship... real values.. are about.

They are about a Light in the darkness
8 years ago

William Sutherland said:

Terrific article and Freedom Tower capture. The Empire Building was kept dark last night to also pay homage to the victims.
8 years ago

Rita Guimaraes said:

I agree with you, Don.
It touched all of us.
This hurts very deeply, innocent people dying in the name of a totally mad fanaticism.
Is it possible an end for this?
8 years ago

autofantasia said:

Beautifully written Don ... the world does indeed mourn! :(

Not sure though I'd refer to them as Islamist terrorists though ... they're just terrorists ... this has nothing to do with religion no matter how much they try to make it so!

Thoughts And Prayers ...
8 years ago

Don Sutherland said:

Dear Paris,

We stand beside you.

Your Sister City,


8 years ago