Project GroupBusters
As requested by number of Club members, and supervised by ima team, the GroupBusters work group has started to clean up the neglected groups. At first stage the groups administrated by Guest accounts becomes either deleted or addressed to new group administrators.
ADMIN WANTED If you see the ADMIN WANTED image on the group icon and description, then please consider becoming a group administrator, or help to find one. It is also recommended to have even number of group administrators and moderators to make the moderation of contributions easier.

GROUP CLOSED When the group is way too inactive, the group is closed and may become deleted later on. The reasons for the closure become then explained, and suggestions for alternative groups given. If someone disagrees, they still have option to save the group.

GROUP ARCHIVED Some inactive groups may become archived if the topic is worth of it. If the topic becomes popular again, and new admin(s) foud, the group can be reopened.

Please contact the administrators of GroupBusters if you have any questions to ask.


GroupBuster (ima tea… said:

Instructions for the group admins:

1) Add or swtich the banner
Administration > Banner at the top of the homepage

2) Add or switch the icon
Administration > Group icon

3) Please add or check the name and description at least on French, English and German
Administration > Name, description, roles

4) Check the limits
Administration > Limits & moderation

5) Add rules if need to, but provide them on used languages
Administration > Group rules
3 years ago

GroupBuster (ima tea… said:

Instructions pour les administrateurs de groupes :

1) Ajoutez ou changez la bannière.
Administration > Bandeau de la page d'accueil

2) Ajoutez ou changez l'icône.
Administration > Icône du groupe

3) Ajoutez ou vérifiez le titre et la description, au moins en français, anglais et allemand.
Administration > Nom, description, rôles

4) Vérifier les limites.
Administration > Limites & modération

5) Ajouter des règles si nécessaire, mais les fournir en plusieurs langues.
Administration > Règles de ce groupe
3 years ago ( translate )

Heidiho said:

Hey, what a fine idea to push activity to "sleeping soul" - groups, Sami !
If still needed - I would agree to become admin for the "Windows"- group ...
3 years ago

GroupBuster (ima tea… replied to Heidiho:

Happy to hear that someone finds this as a good idea. I replied to your request on the group.
3 years ago

Heidiho replied to :

o.k. - and: good luck for this difficult job ;-)
3 years ago

Léopold said:

I am willing to become admin of this group if you decide so thanks to trust me.
I am on ipernity daily on a regular basis.

I meant www.ipernity.com/group/60276 / Bleu comme.......blue as.....
2 years ago

aNNa schramm said:

I am willing to become admin of this group if you like it.
the group: wood > www.ipernity.com/group/wood
5 months ago