Ipernity Members' Association
I just checked the statistics on giving toward saving Ipernity. After about two days, 43% of the goal has been reached. But the small number of donors is disturbing. Only 176 people have given anything. I know there are a lot more members of Ipernity than this. If each member gave just a tiny amount toward this goal, $25000 would be reached very quickly. It could be an amount you would never notice, like the price of a cup of coffee or the cost of the gasoline to drive to your favorite photography site. When Panoramio was closed, we had no opportunity to do anything about it. Here, we can do something.


Peggy C said:

Agree, Ronald ...
Donated on Day 1 ..
Have contacted many people through comments left on their photos... have noticed some recently donated.

We have to keep it rolling ....
I said '' we are / have the force '' --- so, I have been christened ' Peggy Skywalker '

So, promptly mixed up Star Wars with Star Trek when I said '' Make it So ! ''
7 years ago

Elbertinum said:

Es hat sich gelohnt - Ipernity lebt :-)
4 years ago