An amoeba captures a diatom (video)
A microscope video that shows a testate amoeba extending a pseudopod towards a nearby diatom and capturing it (to feed on it). There are more diatoms visible that have already been captured. Near the very end of the video, I focus the microscope on the upper surface of the amoeba's shell to show its structure.
Please click on the link in order to view the video:


Peggy C said:

That this fascinating ! Never had anything like that to see through my scope ~

Thank you, My Friend !
5 years ago

Ronald Losure said:

Wow ! That is really amazing . Excellent video .
5 years ago

Peggy C said:

R, [ a comment was left under the Daff photo with Thomas Catt - the Guardian ]


Why should you be amazed?
It was fascinating.
Why bother posting ... oh, could talk your ears off on that subject - don't even think about it!
5 years ago