Kyiv. Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square). Independence Monument and "Dandelion" Fountain

Monument to the Independence of Ukraine, which symbolises the birth of a new state and is one of the most striking sculptural works of the country was built in 2001 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the proclamation of Ukraine as an independent state after the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991.
The Ukraine's Independence Monument, made in the style of Ukrainian Baroque and late Classicism, is a 9-meter statue that towers over the city on the 52-meter column. The female figure on the top of the structure is Berehynia-Oranta, who lifts its hands to heaven holding a branch of Guelder Rose (in Ukrainian: Kalyna) – a national symbol of Ukraine. The author of the project was inspired by an image of Berehynia-Oranta – a female spirit of Slavic heathen mythology. Berehynia considered to be the mother of all living things, the goddess-protector of home and family, and also Ukraine and Ukrainians, therefore it is presented in a Ukrainian national dress. Figure is made of bronze and the Guelder Rose’s branch, a ribbon and dress’ ornaments are decorated with gold. The column is faced with white marble, specially imported from Italy. At its foot there is a building resembling a temple. The total height of the monument is 61 meters.
The Ukraine's Independence Monument is an architectural embodiment of Ukrainian Nation’s freedom.
(source: project I GO to WORLD)

The fountain "Dandelion" was built at same time as the monument
► Very entertaining view of Independence Monument, made as a 3D-model see here
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