Seems an age since I last saw one of these! :-)
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Colin Ashcroft said:

That’s a lovely photo. It even. Looks pleased to see you.
2 years ago

The Chairman 8 replied to Colin Ashcroft:

Thanks! :-)

I had to wait awhile for it to uncurl - it was on the path just as I went in with the dog! Glad to see one of these! (-:
2 years ago

Aus Blue said:

what a beautiful animal!!!!!!!! and great photo C8*****************
2 years ago

The Chairman 8 replied to Aus Blue:

Thank you! :-)
2 years ago ( translate )

Diane Putnam said:

Oh, how adorable! Superb shot!
2 years ago

The Chairman 8 replied to Diane Putnam:

Thank you! I was very pleased with it, especially given the camera can't really see it in the poorly lit conditions! :-)
2 years ago

Fred Fouarge said:

auwa dat prikt
2 years ago ( translate )

The Chairman 8 replied to Fred Fouarge:

:-) The prickles are sharp! (-:
2 years ago ( translate )