Morning by the river

Apologies for being MIA for quite a while. Returned from Switzerland a couple of days ago. Not a vacation, so no scenic images of the Alps, etc. Will post a few snaps captured on the go.
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David G Johnson said:

'Missing In Action ?....Welcome' back....;-)... I put your co-ordinates into Google earth and dropped right into your location,. it's good to see these features.. and also see that the street view camera has been all around the town,.. which looks well worth a visit.. // Good wishes Sarah - and keep well from > David J.. UK.
3 months ago

Sarah P. replied to David G Johnson:

Thank you, David. Yes, Solothurn is a very pretty and historically significant old town. It's also a convenient location for reaching other parts of Switzerland.
3 months ago

rdhinmn said:

Even I could tell that this isn't California. Welcome back!
3 months ago

Aschi "Freestone" said:

Welch stimmungsvolles Bild von der alten Heimat!
3 months ago ( translate )

tiabunna said:

A beautiful image, good to see you again Sarah.
3 months ago

Patrick Brandy said:

Belle fontaine bonne journée
3 months ago ( translate )