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Just passing by to say hi .... sorry for not being around much. No, no connection to the hospital -- was just killing some time between dental visits ... :-)
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rdhinmn said:

Is that really how far to Sacramento??? Or the bus number?

I was just there last week - Sacramento. Pleasant enough show, but I was one of four or five I know of who came home with Covid. I suspect I caught it before I even went, and was blithely spreading it, though someone I sat next to Saturday night at a banquet has not come down with it. The fellow who sat on the other side of me is a good friend who had it several weeks before, and isn't concerned.
2 months ago

Sarah P. replied to rdhinmn:

So sorry to hear you got the bug! Hoping it's a mild case, with a speedy recovery. We're hoping to get the new booster before we leave for Switzerland at the end of the month.
Sacramento in mid-summer is not my idea of a good time, far too hot. Having said that, it will be pretty toasty today in Santa Rosa as well, which is why we'll escape to the City (San Francisco) where it's twenty degrees cooler.
Sacramento is a street in SF .... (but you probably realized that.)
2 months ago

Heide said:

Have a good and a pleasant week, Sarah
2 months ago ( translate )

Annemarie said:

Happy new week:)
2 months ago ( translate )

Roger (Grisly) said:

Nice capture Sarah
HBM and a good week
2 months ago

tiabunna said:

HBM and have a good week, Sarah.
2 months ago

Ecobird said:

Well captured Sarah. HBM and have a good week
2 months ago

Xata said:

No smoking but seating allowed !
HBM Sarah
2 months ago

Fred Fouarge said:

okee,,ik rook niet Sarah P (Hbm en mooie Week)
2 months ago ( translate )

Marco F. Delminho said:

HBM Sarah, and have a great week!
2 months ago

Trudy Tuinstra said:

nice to see. Have a cool week
2 months ago

John FitzGerald said:

I dunno...ithey're advertising a health centre with something that looks like a tombstone. But it certainly makes for a good photo in creating tension with its more wholesome surroundings.
2 months ago

Sarah P. replied to John FitzGerald:

Now that you mention it, the signage does look like a tombstone ... good grief.
7 weeks ago