I may need to take a break from this group ... I think I've exhausted the topic of benches for now (and in general, don't have too much time to post and comment on photos these days.)
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Trudy Tuinstra said:

Please stay, or come to visit now and then, when you have seen an interesting bench. They are everywere. Take good care of yourself! HBM
4 months ago

Sarah P. replied to Trudy Tuinstra:

thank you, Trudy! For sure, if I happen to come across a truly unique bench I will bring it to the group. Maybe when/if we travel again ....
4 months ago

Roger (Grisly) said:

That's a shame Sarah, however I wish you well in your busy life, family and work must come first.
HBM and a great week
4 months ago

Sarah P. replied to Roger (Grisly):

Thank you, Roger! I enjoy photography, but I'm more of a writer than a photographer, and there are some projects I need to complete. But I will pop in as I can.
4 months ago

tiabunna said:

Great shot, Sarah, I think an "Exploratorium" ranks as a title with my "Mu-sea-um". Best wishes, I hope to see you around again when time allows.
4 months ago

Sarah P. replied to tiabunna:

Thank you, George. I will be around, just more irregularly.
4 months ago ( translate )

Xata said:

Well spotted the persons on the "circle", HBM Sarah
4 months ago

Ulrich John said:

Fine composition, Sarah ! HBM and a very nice week ahead !
4 months ago

Christa1004 said:

Good luck for your projects, Sarah, and happy to "see" you again here from time to time.
4 months ago

Fred Fouarge said:

San Francisco here i come (Hbm) Sarah P
4 months ago ( translate )