Cow County

We now live in cow county. Having grown up in Switzerland, the sight and smell is very familiar ;-) Here, it's called "SonomaAroma."
Enjoy your weekend.
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rdhinmn said:

A lot better than pigs, for sure! This herd looks to be a bit on the lazy side. Must be a warm day.
6 weeks ago

Sarah P. replied to rdhinmn:

It was just starting to warm up. I think these cows were simply ruminating after filling up on spring grass earlier in the day.
6 weeks ago

Roger (Grisly) said:

A beautiful bovine landscape under a lovely sky, Sarah
The grass looks plentiful and the cows contented, it looks to be a great place to live
6 weeks ago

Sarah P. replied to Roger (Grisly):

It's a good place for cows and people -- that is, when there isn't a heat wave, wildfires, or an earthquake .... Actually, the cows don't mind earthquakes so much.
6 weeks ago

tiabunna said:

Some very contented cows there.
6 weeks ago

Sarah P. replied to tiabunna:

I think so, but that might be anthropomorphizing.
6 weeks ago