Expressions of Satin & Velvet

As it happens, I am often at a loss for words when it comes to relating my thoughts and feelings about a given subject. It is perhaps because I consider myself to be a person with a concentration of acute visual aesthetics, rather than that of the written word. So looking at the expression of a photograph such as the one before you, makes one feel in a certain way, yet should I try to express this feeling in words, I risk failing its impact on the viewer, to fall short of the true message expressed by the image itself.

When an image is complex in design and content, words can add to its meaning and help the viewer to better understand the artist’s intended expression. However, when words cannot do justice to the art, it is best left wordless of description, leaving the image open to interpretation by the viewer to react, hopefully in an emotional way.

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Great photography requires dedication, time and effort.
But above all there are costs involved as well.
Equipment, props and model fees, not to mention time,
are all "out-of-pocket" expenses for the artist.

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Let Them Breathe said:

Ribs aren't the sexiest feature a woman has, but, when you put the entire package together, it's lovely!
13 years ago

declic67 said:

c'est vrai jolie photo....modèle....manque juste un peut de quelque chose......est elle mal nourrie....? lol !
13 years ago ( translate )

Nalini said:

9 years ago ( translate )

Penyaflorida said:

in a certain way, only
7 years ago

CodingArtist said:

wow. exquisite
4 years ago ( translate )