SSC - selective colour

I had to work this saturday, so all I can come up with for the Challenge is this little impression of my workplace (and of Ipernity...)
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Pics-UM said:

Sehr gut gemacht. Gruß Uwe
5 weeks ago ( translate )

neira-Dan said:

oh !! superbe et originale idée !! un travail subtile
5 weeks ago ( translate )

Valfal said:

Very good use of selective color; it makes for an interesting picture!
5 weeks ago

Amelia Heath said:

How long did it take you to do this? Not too long I hope, or someone may decide you need a cut in salary. ;-)
5 weeks ago

Xata, mostly offline… said:

Books and files, you did great job with the selection, work and fun!
5 weeks ago

Marie-claire Gallet said:

Grossartig !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 weeks ago ( translate )

Katja said:

:)) ... rote Phase.
5 weeks ago

Chrissy said:

sehr cool. da sieht man mal, wo sich überall rot versteckt
5 weeks ago

Lynne said:

Oh this is wonderful ! Very clever!
5 weeks ago

cammino said:

Ganz schön viel Rot bei dir!
5 weeks ago ( translate )

Ulrich John said:

Sieht nach viel Arbeit aus. Schön gemacht. Was der Alltag so alles hergibt...
5 weeks ago ( translate )

LutzP said:

... da herrscht Ordnung im Regal, im Gegensatz zu diesem :Bookshelf ...
5 weeks ago ( translate )

Janano - said:

Wow! What a lot of work!
Great stuff
5 weeks ago

Judith Jannetta said:

Well done - and plenty of red
5 weeks ago

k.e.s_kloset said:

This looks awesome. I love it!

Very creative of you too. :)
5 weeks ago